Dissecting Worlds Special 1 – Drugs

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“The quarrelsome northerners are joined live from sarf London (well, Croydon) by comics Whizz David Wynne (http://particlefiction.posterous.com/) to discuss drugs in science fiction, fantasy and horror.
Along the way they look at
  • Comics on acid – from super-soldiers to Doc Strange to Speedy
  • Is Venom an estate agent ?
  • William Randolph Hurst and the paper conspiracy
  • ‘Hookie’ Cigerettes
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Where’s the Drugs in Star Trek and Star Wars
  • Philip K Dick and William S Boroughs
  • Mega City One Crazes, Coffee and Cigerettes

And somehow manage to mention The Wire.

Dont forget the competitions http://geeksyndicate.co.uk/2011/06/02/dissecting-worlds-%e2%80%93-coat-of-arms-and-motto-competition/ closing date the 2 July 2011.

Same closure date to get in audio contributions to our finale episode for the Gender & Sexuality series.

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  1. Discworld has a whole troll drug culture, most of the drugs begin with S so that they’re easier to remember. In Thud there’s a troll junkie called Brick who has to go into cold turkey. Also there’s Vimes’ alcoholism and his favourite tipple was Bearhugger’s whiskey. And THEN there’s Scumble, made of apples. Mostly apples.
    In Tenth Kingdom there’s also trolls that smoke Dwarf Moss rolled in what looks suspiciously like a spliff.

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