Dissecting Worlds: Design a Uniform Competition Winner!

dissectingworldsfinal1Dissecting Worlds is proud to announce the winner of its “Design a Uniform” competition. The winner is…

Alien Rebels VERSION 1

To Lord-Master Governor, Sir Abernathy Cornwallis,
My lord,

I hope this message finds you in good health. If you recall my communication of the 14th of Quinctilis I advised that reports had reached my office of unidentified ships spotted entering the Ulyett star system. It is with regret that I must inform you that these rumours have been confirmed. The accompanying pictograph offers evidence that these ships were part of the fleet hijacked by the escaped alien slaves two years ago.

The pictograph was taken by a loyal militia force on the planet Midwinter’s Blight who later engaged the rebels as they neared the regional capital. The rebels were forced to withdraw but were not routed and continue to forage off the land in the central mountain belt.

My intelligence bureau has attached a report on the constitution of the alien rebels as requested by Axis Mundi Headquarters.

My lord, I understand that the Ulyett system is far from the front line of the war with the Americanos and the Hollind but I implore you to please provide army and air units to support the militia’s efforts to drive these former slaves off-planet. They care not that we are ourselves at war with their former captors, and wish only to drive all humanity from these worlds.

I await your response and remain your obedient servant.

Hon. James Southerton
System Governor for Ulyett, Absolom & Ivo

This piece is from Peter Hammerson and shows aliens joining the Rebel Forces on the planet of Midwinters Blight, on the Ulyett system. Its always nice to get some interesting fiction with this sort of thing, and besides, Space Lizards. Theres more of Peter’s work on his deviant art page here: http://petesta78.deviantart.com/  Peter wins a copy of David Brin’s The Postman and Bernard Cornwell’s Arthurian Trilogy, both of which we’ve covered on the show.

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