Dissecting Worlds makes it into SFX Issue 203!

Dissecting Worlds – the podcast that looks into the social science ins cience fiction, fantasy and horror has made it into SFX magazine as podcast of the month!

If you haven’t had a listen why not gives us a go and this might be an opportunity to spread the word if you’ve any friends who might be interested.

Find our back catalohue at http://geeksyndicate.co.uk/category/gs-podcast-network/dissecting-worlds/

There we are bottom left - go out and buy it'll be a collectors item.

We’ve had a very nice review in SFX,  just to remind you of what we do –

Ever wondered how the Federation is run without money or how Judges are able to keep the peace in Mega City One? Are the Klingons all warriors and if so who looks after their gardens?  If you’ve wanted to hear the answers to these burning questions and more then Dissecting Worlds is the podcast for you!

Dissecting Worlds is a member of the Geek Syndicate network of podcasts. The aim of this three podcast is to explore and compare the various science fiction, fantasy and horror universes & have some fun debates along the way.

Join hosts Matt and Kehaar as they bring their knowledge of history, sociology, anthropology, theology, business and other social sciences to see what works and what’s wonky in genre universes.

“We’re not experts,” says Matt, formerly known as Grampus. “We’re just two opinionated friends who’ve read far too much useless information, found a use for it and wait to be corrected or at least argued with about it.”

“Where something doesn’t work we investigate why it’s that way and how it fits into the storytelling of the show, book, comic or film we’re looking at,” adds Kehaar.

The podcast is organised into series looking at particular areas, for example:

Series 1 Empires looked at the big players in Science Fiction Universes (such as the Klingons in Star Trek, Earth Alliance in Babylon 5 etc ;)*

Series 2 Law & Order looks at the justice systems and criminal underworlds of genre universes such as Judge Dredd, Discworld and others.

Seroes 3 Miltiary is looking at grunts and gunships in worlds like Battlestar Galactica, Lord of the Rings & Rogue Trooper.

Future series will look at the Gender & Sexuality, Alternative History, Fantasy Empires, Supernatural societies, rebels & revolutionaries amongst others.

Dissecting Worlds can be found at:     http://geeksyndicate.co.uk/category/gs-podcast-network/dissecting-worlds/
 Email:                                                                       [email protected]

Twiiter:                                                                     @DissectingWrlds …or @Clarkythecruel  or @theGrampus for the co hosts

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