Dissecting Worlds: New Year Honour List

It’s that time of year when the Dissecting World duo decide who to send the 50 foot high orichalcum statues of the Dissecting Worlds Coat of Arms to based on their best cultural experiences of the year….

I say that, it’s not like we’ve done it before, or have a massive supply of the ancient metals of the Atlanteans. Because we can’t agree on anything there are two awards in each category:


Best genre show: Fringe
Best non genre show: Justified
Best Novel: Cloud Atlas
Best Non-Fiction Book: its a bit pop-history but Bill Bryson’s “At Home” is fascinating if light.
Best Graphic Novel: Alice in Sunderland
Best regular comic: Atomic Robo
Best World-building : A Song of Ice and Fire
Best Video Game: Deus Ex: Human Revolution
Best Real Game: Battlestar Galactica boardgame
Best genre podcast: HPpodcraft by Chris Lackey and Chad Fifer
Best non genre podcast: can’t decide. hows that for cowardice?


Best genre show:  Genre telly has really left me cold this year so no votes.
Best non genre show: The Onedin Line (we said experienced in the last year!)
Best Novel: Feast of Crows, George RR Martin
Best Non-Fiction Book: Napoleon in Egypt :The Greatest Glory by Paul Strathern
Best Graphic Novel: Mountains of Madness adapted and drawn by INJ Culbard froms tory by HP Lovecraft.
Best regular comic: 2000ad (I’d have Bevis Musson’s Dead Queen Detectives but I don’t think 2 issues is regular enough.)
Best World-building : China Melville’s Bas-Lang in Perdio Street Station
Best Video Game Bejewelled Blitz
Best Real Game: Flames if War (took me a while to get into it, not really my scale – just pips Full Thrust.)
Best genre podcast HPpodcraft by Chris Lackey and Chad Fifer
Best non genre podcast: The history of Rome by Mike Duncan

One might have noticed that incredibly we have agreed on an option so the overall Dissecting Worlds Hall of Fame entry for 2011, our Legion D’Honneur and Geek Highlight of 2011 winner is the HPpodcraft an incredible podcraft reviewing and analysing the entire canon of HP Lovecaft found at HPPodcraft.com .

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