Dissecting Worlds: New Years Honours List 2012


In a tradition stretching back a whole year, the Dissecting Worlds due return to anoint our favourite content of the geek year, and present prizes of burnished, gem laden statuary depicting rampant Seagul and Klegg to our chosen winners.

No wait, it’s just a list.


  • Best genre show: Fringe (for the second year running)
  • Best non genre show: Community
  • Best genre Film: Avengers (probably)
  • Best non-genre Film: Drive
  • Best Novel: The Haunting of Hill House
  • Best Non-Fiction Book: Empire of the Clouds, by James Hamilton-Paterson
  • Best Graphic Novel: Grandville: Bete Noire
  • Best regular comic: not bought any this year but have got back into 2000AD via trades.
  • Best World-building : Shadows of the Apt
  • Best Video Game: XCOM: Enemy Unknown
  • Best Real Game: Castle Panic
  • Best genre podcast: Monster Hunters
  • Best non genre podcast: A History of Rome


  • Best genre show: Fringe (for the second year running)
  • Best non genre show: Justifed
  • Best genre Film: Skyfall
  • Best non-genre Film: Slade in Flame (early 70s but seen this year.)
  • Best Novel:the Exorcist (Warren Peter Blatty)
  • Best Non-Fiction Book:
  • Penguins stopped play : Harry Thompson
  • Best Graphic Novel: Hondle by Matthew Craig
  • Best World Building hmmm Al Ewing in Dredd
  • Best regular comic: 2000ad
  • Best video game: stick cricket
  • Best real game: Flames of war
  • Best genre podcast: A Podcast to the Curious (MRJames) (just popping “The Double Shadow” Clark Ashton Smith podcast)
  • Best non genre podcast: Analysis, radio 4 makes sense of ideas that change the world

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  1. Ha! Thank you, Kehaar! Absolutely unexpected and utterly delightful. My dog and I thank you from the bottom of our respective hearts!

    May your 2013 be replete with fresh worlds to dissect and/or conquer!


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