Dissecting Worlds Request Audio Feedback for Series 4

Having innovated with guest hosts for our Series 4 on Gender and Sexuality in Genre fiction the quarrelsome pair of Kehaar and Matt would like to invite audio contributions to our Conclusions episode which is likely to be recorded about the end of June.

But there’s no need to wait till them – think there is something we missed, were wide of the mark on a series or just plain in error in our examinations of the subject so far – let us know!

We’ve missed Gor novels and Legend of the Seeker in the last episode both of which are rich with sexuality issues and we never discussed Y: The Last Man in our Dystopias episode so we’d especially welcome thoughts on them but really anything goes.

We’re looking for 3-5 minutes MP3 audio segments because it’s so much nicer than use referring to peoples emails – but we’ll do that too of course.

So come on people get your iPhones or headphones out and send your feedback to [email protected]  Shy buggers can email there too.

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