Dissecting Worlds: Season 2-7 Law & Order Conclusions (Updated)

Finally the Dissecting Worlds pair get back on the beat and bring together the conclusions from series 2 on Law & Order and Crime & Punishment in this bumper episode.

In so doing they look at the subject in Vampire fiction. They consider the seperation of the Judicary in genre fiction. Ask why does Jonah.J.Jameson hate spiderman? They also ponder the relationship between Babylon 5 security and the Chief Constable of South Wales. Sigmund Freud and TV’s Sherlock help with enquiries, and Starfleet Security’s job spec is considered.

On the way they also consider the shady godlen dagger wielding almost respectable genre cousin of Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror – Crime Fiction & telly – CSI ends up walking into a door taking the jury system with it and Morse may fall down some stairs.

Harry Potter, Capes and Tights and Dredd also guest star, With some parochial Marvel movie news. Ed McBain & She Hulk are mentioned in dispatches.

Kehhar gets confused bettween honor/guilt culture (refering to honour and face which are the same thing – the dolt!) & gets told off by his wife.

It’s just like an early epsiode of the Sweeney really but without the smoking.
They might even mention The Wire in an epsiode with more conclusions than the Return of the King movie.

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