Dissecting Worlds Season 2 Episode 4B Capes & Tights

This week the fellas look Superhumans and law, Supers policing themselves and the difference in approach taken by the big two publisher’s multiple-universes.
On the way they look at ‘the Superman power problem’, Iron Man Armour Wars, Civil War, 52,  Astro-City, The Authority, 19thc colonialisim, 21stc Afghanistan, Batman & the Outsiders  and the repercusions of beating people up as part of a law enforcement  hobby.
Naturally there is a discussion of Doctor Doom with reference Yugoslavia’s disintergration and Latveria’s EU membership negotiations. 
As a treat they wrap up a footnote considering why is Wonder Woman rubbish?
Thinking  about it if anyone wants any homework – ‘Is Wonder Woman DC’s Thor – discuss?’
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