Dissecting Worlds Season 6 Sneak Preview!

Well, with Season 5: Leadership now done and dusted the Dissecting Duo are moving onto Season 6. This time we are looking at “Alternate Worlds”, that curious subgenre of geek fiction that looks at the big “What Ifs”.

By way of planning, and also as a way of soliciting comment, our proposed Running Order over the next few months is:

  • Plague!: The Years of Rice and Salt and The Grand Flow of History
  • Nazis!: The Age of World War (1914-1949)
  • Romans!: Ancient and Classical Alternates.
  • Americans!: War of Independance and American Civil War
  • Illuminati!: Secret Histories and the Conspiracy Novel
  • Victorians!: Steampunk and the Age of Imperialism
  • Conclusions.
If any anyone wishes to offer any thoughts ahead of recording, we’d love to hear them!

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