Dissecting Worlds – Series 3 Episode 1

This week a new series of Dissecting World looking at the military in genre universes. This premier episode we’re looking at defending the Earth and UNIT in particular…at least to begin with.

We also muster on parade SHADO from UFO, The Initiative from Buff, Spectrum and the Lovecraftian antics of Delta Green. there are also honourable mentions for the BPRD, Ultraviolet, the Intrusion Counter Measures Group (not force as stated,) & Torchwood.

In the process we consider the nature and loyalties of Earth Defence organisations, project vs goal orientated organisations, ‘Bingo cards’, Von Clauswitz, Military v Intelligence responses, Out of context incidents, cargo cults, the confused nature of the Buffyverse and because Kehaar is here uniforms! Lovely, lovely uniforms.

Chap with the hot air, 5 arguments rapid!

Gratuitous plug check out David Wynnes comic Particle Friction at http://particlefiction.posterous.com/ and the lovely art work he did for me here http://clarkythecruel.wordpress.com/2010/10/07/the-crew-of-the-bette-davis-also-known-as-the-moby-dick/

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