Dissecting Worlds Series 3 – Military – running order and topics


ATTEN’HUH Senior Seagull on deck.

Dissecting World the show which looks at the social sicence in science fiction, fantasy and horror is getting ready to go to war.

No we’re not about to turn up at a Scrolls recording with cricket bats embedded with rusty nails. Kehaar would never do that to a cricket bat.  No, the miltiary is our next topic. Series 2 Conclusion epsiode is ‘in the bag’ so here is a preview of the contents of series 3.

If you’re in or know any fan clubs, forums or groups with a particular interest in one of the topics the show will be covering then please let them know.

  1. Earth Defence how do you defend aganist an unknown and technologically superior enemy(ies)? Focusing on UNIT but no doubt hitting SHADO, SPECTRUM etc;
  2. Temeraire by Naomi Novik, Dragons in the Napoleonic war, cracking book and an interesting look at a fantasy ‘airforce’ in a black powder war.
  3. Battlestar Galactica space navy conflict on the run & civil-military relations.
  4. Rogue Trooper Army life in a science fiction planetbound battlefield and opens up the whole range of British war comics.
  5. Space Above and Beyond Marines expeditionary warfare amongst the stars illustrated by the 90s TV show.
  6. Lord of the Rings The War of the Ring – allied operations and grand strategy
  7. Debrief pulling it all together.

Any thoughts, points or suggestions for social science elements in those or other genre universes get in touch here, the forums or on twitter @theGrampus for Matt & @Clarkythecruel for the narky seagull. Alternatively email [email protected]

Do us proud gentlemen, ladies, beings of all description – you might be our last, best hope for peace.

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