Dissecting Worlds Series 4:Line Up announced & future series topics unveiled

After much discussion the Northern numbskulls have agreed on the following running order for Series 4 of Dissecting Worlds on Gender and Sexuality

Series 4 : Gender and Sexuality
1    Supers
2    Dystopia (including Zardoz!)
3    Fantasy & Fairy Tale (bring in Oz and like)
4    Vampires
5    Space Opera & Science Fantasy (Robot rebellions want our women!)
6    Other Horror (Cronenberg, Ballard , Slasher Pics & Burroughs etc;)
7   Conclusions 
We’re taking a broad brush stroke approach here to try to bring as many different elements of the series theme as we can. We are also aware that we are a couple of married middle aged men talking about these topics so if people who are not middle aged married men want to give us contributions or guest host we’d be very agreeable to that, please get in touch at [email protected] or on the forums.
We’ve also discussed the other seasons we’re going to do in the forthcoming year. please let us know any shows, comics, or other genre fiction you’d like to see discussed within these topics.
Other Series:
Spring 11          Leadership
Summer 11       Alternate History
Autumn 11       Religion, Spirituality & Philosophy
Winter 11/12    Environment & Nature
Thanks Kehaar (and apologies to anyone who found technical difficulties with DW Series 3- Episode 6 it’s my fault entirely and hope it can be fixed.)

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