Dissecting Worlds Series 5 Episode 6a – The Doctor and the Anti-leader (Part 1)

This month Kehaar and Matt step inside an incourgrous blue box with a friendly stranger in the form of Luke from the Hulk Cast, ECBT2000AD, The Trip and Moon Freight 3. In so doing they pour over the long and varied history of the Doctor – in fact so long and varied that they decide to take 2 episodes to take a look at it.

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In this first episode so doing they look at:
The Grumpy Grandad and whose TARDIS is it anyway?
The trickster clown, the beauty/brains (and the brawn.)
The Dashing Dandy, The Master and the UNIT/Republican Security Force family.
Mad, bad and dangerous to know Tom and the unused Harry Sullivan
The Wet Vet and the TARDIS kindergarden

Saving the joys of Colin Baker and subsequent Doctors for the second installment.

So fob your granddaughter off on a passing resistance fighter, put down your recorder, stop working on that experiment and with a jelly baby in one hand and a stick of celery in the other enjoy our romp through leadership in the world of Doctor Who.

Check out all Lukes goodness here:
Moon Freight 3 is
The Incredible Hulkcast is at
The Trip
And ECBT2000AD

And remember the excellent Geek Syndicates very own ‘Time Lore’ is reviewing the whole Doctor TV canon (and associated audios on the Geek Syndicate Network.’

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