Dissecting Worlds Series 5 Episode 6b – The Doctor and the Anti-leader (Part 2)

This month Kehaar and Matt are still companioned by Luke Foster as we continue our look at the Doctor. This time we are turn our attention to the sad end of “Classic” Who and the into the modern relaunch, covering:

– The Sad Tale of Internal Politics and Terrible Coats
– The player on a Thousand Chess Boards and a rare brush with consequence
– The War Veteran and running away from your responsibilities
– Skipping through time with the special companion (?) and Christ Complex
– The Importance of being just a Mad Man with a Box

All that and the usual sidetracking through Time and Space!

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And more Doctor Who goodness can be found on the excellent Geek Syndicates very own ‘Time Lore’, reviewing the whole Doctor TV canon (and associated audios on the Geek Syndicate Network.’

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