Dissecting Worlds: Series 6, Episode 1

Doning their tin hats the disagreeing duo of Dissecting Worlds turn their scalpels to Alternate History this series.

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To open the bowling they’re going to limber up with Kim Stanley Robinson’s “The Years of Rice & Salt”, an exploration of a world in which Europe exited history in the 15th-16th centuries.
This gives an opportunity to discuss alternate histories on the way, and in the process they potentially upset
* quantum physicists
* Marxists
* Nazis
* Harry Turtledove
* Arthur C Clarke
* the romantic view of history
In the usual blend of confessions, obsessions & mispronunciations and teasers for future episodes in the series.
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  1. Lavanya /

    Regarding alternate history, if you’re looking for one that assembles a very flushed out world with varied intellectual & political developments and whatnot, try “Look to the West.” It’s an online story that just finished its third volume.


  2. Thanks Lavanya we’ll be sure to check that out

  3. Bernice /

    Hi Guys,

    Really enjoyed this episode and am looking forward to the next one. Sorry to whinge but just want to say that when talking about the ANZACs don’t forget the Kiwis were there too! We’re very proud of our ANZAC-ness and wouldn’t want the Aussies to get all the attention!

    • Did we not mention the ‘lemon squeezers’ ? (nickname from Kiwi hats I recall.) shame on us!
      Big fan of Kiwi contribution to both world wars – read an excellent biog of Freyburg Kiwi commander in WW2 & hoping to get Maori battalion together for some 15mm WW2 wrgamig (monte cassino)

      Sorry again

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