Dissecting Worlds Series 6, Episode 3: Romans!

The quarrelsome Northerners are joined by MOMBCAST stalwart James falling in behind the Eagle standard to dissect and consider the alternative histories of Rome and the Roman Empire. Inspired by the History of Rome podcast they march in a less than straight road through:

Direct Download:Dissecting Worlds Series 6, Episode 3: Romans!
Listen Online:
* The Punic Wars (including the alternate history ‘Hannibal’s Children)

* Roman history as a game of Total War
* The Porous nature of Rome to people and ideas

* Why couldn’t the Greeks get their act together?
* School nativity plays and the Dallas and Dynasty appeal of the Julio-Claudians

* Agrippa the Immortal

* The fickle survival and destruction of Republics and Monarchies
* Why not to let Commodus run & ruin your Empire.
* The Marian reforms and the dangers of a professional miltiary (with thanks to Will Self.)
* They debate irresistible nature of monotheism and Time-Travelling Popes
* Mad Max and the fall of the West

* Julian the Apostate (Our hero, he’s dreamy, titter yee not!)

The Romanitas Trilogy Timeline can be found here: http://www.romanitas.com/text/history.htm

The History of Rome podcast can be found here: http://thehistoryofrome.typepad.com/

Dark Judgement comics here: http://2000ad.wordpress.com/dark-judgement/

We welcome comments and corrections (including audio files for our conclusion ep) to dissectingworlds(at)yahoo(dot)co(dot)uk or tweet @dissectingwrlds.

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  1. Jay /

    Good podcast. Very good points made and idea bought up. Totally agree that Julian, who died to early due to not putting his armour on woud make a most interesting alternative. However, Pax Romana (the time travelling comic) is awesome because it’s more about what the time travellers do INSTEAD of reinforcing the position of the Catholic Church in modern times and works because it doesn’t get bogged down with too much ‘bows and arrows against the lightning’ style battle scenes. And also how things don’t work out exactly like expected

    • I only read the pilot issue – Maybe it’s time for a second read – Kehaar

  2. Just found this post (and website) through Alternate History Weekly Update. Great find! I’ll bookmark this.

    • Thanks Jordon – high praise indeed (I’m a fan) – Kehaar

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