Dissecting Worlds: Series 7 Running List Unveiling!

dissectingworldsfinal1Well, with our Alternative Histories series out of the way, we are moving onwards with Series 7: Rebels and Revolutionaries. Our running list for this series will be:
– The Rebel Alliance and Others – Rebels in Space!
– Robin Hood and the Traditional Romantic Narratives
– Red Dawn: Post-Invasion, Post Apocalyse
– Very British Coups: Rebellions and Resistance Fighters in 2000AD
– Fighting the System, Fighting the Future: X-Men
– The Iron Council: The Peoples Revolt Comes to Fantasyland

To break this up we’re planning on a couple of one-offs as well:

– Dissecting Worlds NSFW: Swearing, Obscenties and Taboo in Geek Fiction
– A Horrific Halloween Special

Any thoughts on these subjects are welcome in advance of recording, as is any feedback on any of our previous episodes.

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One comment

  1. Brett Harris /

    I am really f$%^king excited about you pr#$ks doing a whole f$%^king podcast about swearing and sh!t in Geek Fiction.
    It’s about bloody time some sons of b!tches did something about this mutha-f#$ing area of Geekdom. P#$s off !
    F$%king Brett, alright c$%^& ?

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