Dissecting Worlds Sports Special 1: Sports!

Taking a break from Alternative Histories, The Dissecting Duo participate in the spirit of the Olympic summer with the first of four episodes looking at sports and games and all that healthy outdoors nonsense we both try and avoid.

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We start by looking at team sports and could hear such highlights as:

  • The fine line between games and sports
  • Star Trek Space Badmington Thingy and other made up sports
  • Why can’t the Flash run in the Olympics?
  • The challenges of technology, distance, and interplanetary environments.
  • The changing faces of Cricket, Football and Rugby and the problems of prediction
  • And much more….

So sit back, enjoy & disagree!

Feedback and discussion always welcome @Dissectingwrlds for the show and @clarkythecruel for Kehaar and @thegrampus for Matt.

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