Dissecting Worlds Symposium 2012

Following the success of last years Dissecting Worlds Symposium, the quarrelsome conundrums Kehaar and Matt have decided to do it again!

Symposium is an ancient Greek word for drinking party, the Dissecting Worlds approach is that listeners are hopefully future friends and the DW Symposiums are leisurely pub crawls were we can meet up and have a chat and light refreshment. It’s Kehaar’s turn to play host and it will be in Liverpool, the 31st March 2012, a mere couple of hours by train from major cities like London, Birmingham and Leeds. 

The plan such as it exists at present is as follows:

  • At 13.00, meet at Lime Street Station, outside the John Menzies in the central concorse. At least one DW host will be wearing his DW t-shirt.
  • Drinkers assembled take a quick cab ride to the 3/4 of a mile to the Philharmonic Dining Rooms where hungry folks may eat.
  • Meander down the hill towards the railway station taking in such public houses as ‘The Fly in the Loaf’, ‘The Roscoe Head’, ‘The Dispensary’, ‘The Shipping Forecast’ amongst others.
  • At 19.00, be at the railway station and close the Maharajah a Kerala (Southern Indian) restaurant if people want to have tea.
  • After that people local and staying can always continue to carouse while commuters can return to their loved ones.

There is a variety of cheap accomodation in Liverpool City centre including most of the major chains. If you want to make a weekend of it Liverpool feature numerous tourisit attractions including the National museums and galleries (http://www.liverpoolmuseums.org.uk/), more Beatle related nonsense than you could ever really want and something about football.

Merseyside is also the birthplace of such geek luminaries as John Higgins, Leigh Gallagher, Carl Critchlow, Tom Baker, Stephen Baxter, Ramsay Campbell, Clive Barker and  Mike Carey to name a few but Kehaar has yet to persuade the authorities a Museum of Scouse Geek should be built.

If you plan on coming or want more details email [email protected]. Knowing your train times would aid planning – thanks!

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