Dissecting Worlds Series 2: A new name Dissecting Worlds and this episode the Dreddverse

This series Dissecting Worlds (formerly know as Two Geeks With No name) is looking at Law & Order, Crime and Punishment of genre universes.

In this episode Matt and Kehaar shoulder their stub guns and let rip on the Justice System of the Dreddverse.
On the way they manage to drive their Lawmasters over Dirty Harry, Gene Hunt, 1970s War comics, Samurai and the Playing Fields of Eton amongst others. On the spedway they tumble past such Dredd stories Origins, the Apocalypse War, The Pit and the current Tour of Duty.
A new name means a new email: [email protected]
With our new name we’re in the market for a banner/logo if you’ve got any ideas get out your crayons and get in touch. There will be prizes. Exciting prizes. We haven’t thought of them yet but they will be exciting.
Co-incidently here’s a short comedy fanfic a friend stuck up on LJ as we broadcast…


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