Two Geeks with No Name Podcast: Series 1 Empires: Episode 4 Earth Alliance‏

‘This week Kehaar and Grampus wrestle with the slow kid in the Babylon 5 class – the Earth Alliance. With particular attention to the Earth-Minbar War and the Clark Civil War they buffet between topics including space colonisation, first contact and relative scales of unpleasantness in war.
We apologise for delays in recording due to ‘When Babies Attack’ events.
No damn shirt collars disappeared or went to Zah’um in the making of this episode.
Now get the hell listenng our podcast!
An ISN special report confirms Kehaar is doing the Liverpool Half Marathon if you want you can sponsor him hear
TWGNN is also willing to sponsor a  Comic Forum project – details on the Geeksyndicate forum an executivue summary below from Bluemeanie:
“Ok, short version – if we get enough teams to warrant doing it, we were after short comic stories of up to 10 pages max. The theme at the moment is just nerd-life, but this might change if the forum gets fixed and people can actually give feedback.

Deadline wise, were talking end of September which should be enough for even the laziest to get 3 or 4 pages together. Then it all gets put in a book, thrown up in Indyplanet and any and all proceeds go to the Hero Initiative.

In the past these have just been a bit of fun and only shift copies to people who have something in there, but its still a bit of fun and good practice.”

Interested wrIters or artists get in touch with Blue Meanie at [email protected] or on the forums

Direct Download: Episode 4

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