Two Geeks with No Name Podcast: Series 1 Empires: Episode 5 Oceanina

“After a brief schizo moment from Kehaar the Geeksyndicate networks Professors of Poncy-Poncy get to grips with the Superpower of Oceanina from George Orwell’s 1984. All the likely suspects are tackled but somehow Babylon 5, TNG, Original Star Trek, Idiotcracy and The Dark Knight Returns all feature in the ID parade.

Guests stars via e Power of Note by Intro-Girl and massive Tekker Girl.

Comments and feedback as always welcome.

Kehaar completed the Liverpool Half rathon in a not bad for a fat lad time of 2 hours and 7 minutes if you wish to sponsor and remember if you give a man a fish it will feed him for a day, but if you give him a net he can start on a Sea Devil cosplay.

The Comic Forum project details are here

Direct download: TGWNN1-5Oceanina.mp3

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  1. Ken /

    The file I’ve got seems to end rather abruptly. Is this Big Brother censorship?

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