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After there jovial interludes and seasonable break the DW boys tackle Space Above and Beyond a show that perhaps unfairly got canned in it’s first season and which provides a useful jump off point to look at Marines in Science Fiction.

Wonder at how often Matt can say ‘Hard Asses’, astound at Kehaars pet obesssions coming to the fore and ponder the many examples of Marines in science fiction they praise and diss in equal measure.

On the way we call by Iwo Jima, Starship Troopers, Stormtroopers, Star Trek, Aliens, and much much war.

We perhaps don’t go enough into expeditionary warfare but the episode takes a turn where we look at the Marine as a trop (ooo hark at us)e in SF and in broader fiction too.

They also consider SAAB’s legacy for shows like Galacitca and SGU and consider some it’s weaknesses

Hope you enjoy it.

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  1. Rob Wilson /

    Hi guys, just a quick note to say how much I’ve enjoyed your podcasts. I was pointed here by a review in SFX magazine, and haven’t regretted it. Even managed to learn some things – or rather found new things to look into, so thank you.
    Just on this latest Podcast regarding Marines, I think they tend to keep getting chosen because they are their own all-arms system. As mentioned in passing in the Podcast, they have their own Air Wing & Naval support. So if you want a Unit that is all encompassing without having to invent uniforms and backstories for Other Arms, then the Marines would seem to make sense (and it takes a lot for an Infanteer to give those Jumped-up Dockyard Security Guards any sort of due. 😉 ).

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