Everything comes back to 2000AD – episode 10

It’s another interview episode and this week the guys talk to 2000AD artist extraordinaire Leigh Gallagher and get his inside story on Defoe, his views on internet critics and the UK convention scene, but unfortunately not his sisters phone number.

WARNING : Due to the levels or raw manliness in this episode women are advised not to listen in order avoid unwanted pregnancy. Thank you.

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  1. ian ward /

    The Leigh Gallagher interview was great guys.
    More like this please,
    Ian Ward

  2. Thanks man, Leigh is a good guy.
    Obviously we can only interv…. well, bullshit with creators who dont mind us having a bit of fun with it, so as we find more like that we’ll be asking them on.

    Wouldnt really be fair to get someone on expecting a serious interview just for us to make stupid boobie jokes

  3. STAY AWAY FROM MY SISTER!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. You’re right, Leigh. You sound even more Scoucer-ish on this podcast than you do in person. Great interview – but I think I need to get a pregnancy testing kit now. :/

    BTW – Vzzzbx is from the series 2 episode of Bottom entitled ‘Culture’ where they were both doing a crossword and started spelling words wrong to make them fit. 😉

  5. THANK YOU!!

    been bugging me for ages

  6. Don’t worry Angela, you’ve been around me long enough now to know that, somehow, you alone are immune to my powers. Expect someone from the government to synthesize your blood for an antidote….

    • Richard – welcome! 😉

      Leigh – Yes the test was negative like we suspected, but I just had to be sure. 😛


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