Everything Comes Back to 2000Ad – Episode 11

In this one the guys look at prog 9 then get up to date with the big jump on issue 1650 and also 1651 and 1652.

Listen in to find out why Will Ferrell isn’t funny and why flip-flops don’t cut it if you are trying to look sexy.

As ever expect spoilers and language not suitable for the kiddies.
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  1. Mickey /

    Great show so far guys. Loving it. Can’t say that I’ve read all of the stories, but the Dredd stories seem to be going in the same order as they were published by Eagle here in the US. You’re doing a great job of describing each the stories within the older issues, as I’ve either got a great imagination mixed with what I’ve seen from Rufus Dayglow’s original art collection, or they might actually be reprinted as backups in some of the comics. I will have to check, but I know I’ve read the dinosaur harvesting stuff somewhere and maybe some Harlem Heroes, and not from original 2000ad.

    The newer issues you’re reviewing are making me seriously think of picking it up as a weekly. Especially the “Defoe”, has any of that been collected yet? Right up my alley. Zombies rule.

    As for suggestions for arcs to cover, well I don’t want you guys to blow your load too early, but I’d love to hear your thoughts on “The Black Plague” by John Wagner(writer), Ron Smith(art), Tom Frame(lettering), and John Burns(color). Possibly my first, and definately my favorite Dredd story. Published here in the US by Eagle cover date April 1985. To me, that’s my Dredd. Do you know if it was originally published B&W for 2000AD? Only 21 pages, but truely creapy images, and Ron Smith set the standard for my expectations of mutants at 14 years of age which I hold all others up to. Yeah, hell of a fun romp, and a talking mutie mule, spider horde, and Dredd helping muties. What’s not to love. I’d also like to know when this appeared in the Dredd time line, and what issues (colour?). Take it into consideration as a focus.

    Next: D.R. & Quinch. Love them, want more t-shirts that say “Eat Plutonium Death You Disgusting Alien Wierdos!” in my wardrobe. I know there are a couple of collections available, but which is the best, and are any of them coloured? I absolutely loved Alan Davis’ art on what I’ve seen. Has any other artist drawn their stories? Which collection would you recommend as the definitive/best?

    Lastly; I know it’s a 2000AD podcast, but any thoughts on possibly touching on “Worrior Magazine”, their start-up rival at some point? I care fuck-all for the MM stuff as I’ve never read it, but I’m a huge fan of “Axel Pressbutton & Laser Eraser”. Something to ponder please.

    That’s it for now, take care & love to all,


    crimson_kahuna on the grid

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