Everything Comes Back To 2000AD Episode 6

In this one the guys look at the Dredd Case Files volume 5 and City of the Damned before jumping back for a rundown of 2000AD prog 7 from April 1977. Also reviewed in detail are progs 1641 and 1642 and as usual expect spoilers and language not suitable for the kiddies.

Direct Download: Episode 6

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  1. Cor, I feel like I’ve entered some competition to get a name check in every other episode of this!


  2. Drawing hot goth chicks in all your strips will guarantee this 🙂

  3. Guys, just wanted to say a big thanks for the kind words about Defoe up to now. Nice to hear comments like that when I’m working my arse off getting the final episode done in record time!
    Loving your show. If everyone else’s podcast was spoken in a funny welsh accent, I’d be a very happy guy!
    Take care,


  4. Oi!
    What do you mean “funny Welsh accent” ???
    Its a very specific dialect known as “Cardiff via Pontypridd pissed”

  5. What, that’s real??? I thought you just put on that accent for the show! I’m personally very proud of my Tom Jones impersonation “There’s a martian behind me!”…

  6. Note to self:
    Give Defoe art a good kicking on the next one
    (insert evil laugh here)

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