Geek Syndicate – Episode 137

Join the lads as they take you through another hour of News, reviews, previews and a main feature which is a look back at the MCM Expo 2009.

Look out for short interviews with Bryan Talbot, Cy Dethan, Jacen Burrows, Leigh Gallagher and more!
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  1. Emma Vieceli /

    Listening now, lads. enjoying it and loving Dave’s utter enthusiasm over Grandville. I can’t believe I barely saw you guys, but we’ll catch up at Thought Bubble!

    I’m half way through the expo bit now, so as I think of it:
    I’m so glad you added the ‘sorry, it sounds like we’re ragging’ bit…I was weeping into my cornflakes at the start! 0_o

    Queue system: this event saw a brand new system that was supposed to speed everything up, but we had major teething problems in the face of a sheer onslaught of attendees. The show are working on it, of course they don’t want people queuing for 2 hours, but one of the major issues here is the sheer volume of people vs health and safety levels in the hall – There was a point where we were over capacity in there! The team are looking into solutions for dealing with the incredible demand, so fingers crossed next show will be a little easier. Huge appreciation has to go to those amazing people who DID face the queues though! *hug* They totally make the show!

    Stage schedules: There is always more than meets the eye – as you guys will know! If poor Stu was up there filling a gap that seemed pointless, you can bet your bottom dollar that something was up, whether technical, or guest related. That you just saw it as him talking to the crowd means he did his job well! haha. Sorry if it was frustrating for you though! ;_;

    Thanks for the shoutout….I can’t even tell you how tired I was that weekend. No sleep for 2 nights, I was shattered…but the happy comments I’ve heard since have made it all worth it! What’s awesome is that I can tell you from the other side of the fence that we’re seeing more and more ‘manga kids’ opening up to the idea of indie/western comics, just as people like your good selves are starting to adjust to the more radical bits from the cosplay/anime side of things – so the multimedia is working! woot!

    Did you guys not catch the comic village showdown on sunday? that was awesome, and SHALL return! Artists shall get their revenge! haha ^_^

    As always we’ll keep working on refining the show and making it the best it can be for everyone. I hope you guys enjoyed the comicvillage! See you soon! *hug*

  2. Why the hell didn’t I sound that sexy on the 2000AD show? Baaahhhh…..

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