Geek Syndicate – Episode 172 The Nuge is Dead Long Live The Newge Part 2

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As one Newge leaves another Nuge must regains his memories and regain  the ancient powers of Geekdom to come back ready to face the
returning evil that is EPOCH.

As the guys have so much stuff to catch up on there is no main feature this week this a shed load of Week that Was.

As a special treat/extra for those of you with our GS iPhone app you wil be able to check out the first chapter of The Adventures of Simon Pegg Graphic novel.

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Brian Blessed kicks off
Empire Strikes Back Director heads to the big Echo Base in the sky.
Buffy Reboot Talk
Showruner for Walking Dead fires his writing staff

Week That Was

Dr Who: Tesseract by Tony Lee
Astonishing Xmen – Gifted
Largo Winch – the dutch connection
Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes
Misfits Series 2
Walking Dead

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