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Time for a another stroll through the deadly maze of geekdom with your hosts Dave and Barry.


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The Indifference Engine.


In the first of a two-part interview we catch up with Julian Jones, writer and co-creator of the hit BBC show Merlin. In this part the lads fire their own questions at Julian and in the second part  (out next week) they pitch some of the fan questions that have been sent in for Julian.

There are discussions galore on Merlin and Arthur, Morgana’s turn to the dark side, Julian’s thoughts on season 3 and more. Stay tuned for part 2 to learn what will become of the Knights of the Round Table and some thoughts on the Gwen/Arthur and Lancelot relationship and more.

Be warned if you’ve not seen all of season three there are spoilers abound in this interview…you have been warned


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  1. SnazzyO /

    Thankyou for the interview! I’m glad you brought out the concerns regarding Merlin/Arthur relationship and the suddenness of Morgana’s switch to evil.

    I hope he dranks more wine… it seems to give us good tidbits!

    Nice meaty discussion from Julian. Can’t wait for Part 2!

    • geeksyndicate /

      Cheers Snazzy glad you liked it. Yeah I liked the fact that unlike other shows they didn’t keep Morgana turning evile going for too long but I just think with just a few flashback scenes to that ‘missing year’ would had added something that I felt was missing. I do agree with Julian that her finding out about Uther did kinda push her over the edge even more.

      He does drink more and there are a few more tidbits in part 2 !

  2. sharlene /

    That was the best shoutout of all shoutouts EVER. EVER! Oh yeah and that Julian Jones interview was kinda cool too 😉 Great job with this one guys!

    • geeksyndicate /

      lol I guess that shoutout thanks goes to dave more than me 🙁 sorry to have missed your trip to these shores!

      Thanks for the interview praise!

      • sharlene /

        Aww no worries! Next time I’m over (which should be sometime in the Spring 2011), I’ll let you know! 😀

  3. Tammy /

    You guys are hilarious and I mean actually funny and not just funny because of the accents. So impressed by your “geek”, both of you. I am one those Merlin fans, new to the site and yes I am literally dying listening to your news and such before we get to interview *fingers crossed*

    I just had a thought that there might not even be an interview and I’ll listen to the entire thing and not get my Merlin fix. Should that be that case…I will find you.

    • geeksyndicate /

      lol don’t worried Tammy you will get your Merlin fix in this episode!

      Hope you stick with the podcast/site and maybe check out some of our old episodes. Either way welcome to the madness!

      oh it’s Barry here btw 😀

      • Tammy /

        Well Barry, I have subscribed, you may impress me now. 😀

        Thank you for the interview it was great.

      • geeksyndicate /

        Glad you liked the interview and we shall try our best to impress… 😀

        slightly scared now!

  4. diane /

    I loved that Julian was so forthcoming with his views on things. You two asked a lot of the same questions I would have which was great. I’m also a bit more excited about season 4 (I was already excited but now more so) since Julian seems so excited about it. He’d written most of the episodes that I really loved in season 3 so to hear the glee in his voice about season 4 is wonderful. Anyway, thanks for doing this and I look forward to part 2.

    • geeksyndicate /

      Yeah he was like that when we interviewed him the first time around. He’s clearly having the time of his life writing the show. I’m glad you thought the questions were ok. We had so many sent in but at the same time both Dave and I are big fans of the show so we wanted to make sure we were able to ask a few of our own burning questions.

      Like you I thought Julian wrote the best episodes in this season.

      More fun to come in part 2 next week!

  5. nsk /

    i cant wait to listen the part 2 !
    i really want to know how they will handle the love triangle!

  6. Almoravid /

    Thanks a lot for asking all these questions mainly the Morgana one (the change in her character should have been explained), and the one about Merlin and Arthur friendship (I still think that their relationship is far away from “the Labyrinth of Gedref” or “the Moment of truth” and that he’s bullying Merlin worse than he did his servant in series 1 (which didn’t happen, of course). I agree with Julian that it’s not out of malice, though.

    Thank you guys!

  7. cc494977 /

    Very interesting interview, great insight into Merlin! Thanks for it!! Love how you all are speaking American now with, season. Being American, I like the word series! LOL!!

  8. cc494977 /

    Oh, and I SO had the same response to Morgana as your wife! I screamed “bitch” at the television as well!!! LOL!

  9. Sydney2011 /

    Hmm, interesting but he doesn’t really answer any questions, just justifies what he’s done in the show.

    Season 3 was very hit and miss, with The Fisher King my favourite and I thought it was an incredibly disappointing finale. Is Merlin incapable of magic now? He and Lancelot get to a room with immortal soldiers guarding the cup, could he not have used his magic to sweep them out of the way so he had a clear path to the cup? Yet again, the only time he’s been able to do magic is when the other sorcerer is not looking at him. I thought there would be a big magical showdown between Merlin and Morgause but what we got was pathetic. He’s stretching credibility as the most powerful warlock ever to exist. I had hoped we would have a magical battle similar to the one at the end of season 1, which is the only time we’ve ever had any indication that he’s powerful.

    Merlin and Arthur’s relationship also is suspect; Arthur adopts a bullying attitude to Merlin, even using him as a human target, something Merlin told Arthur off about in the first episode of season 1. Arthur treats Merlin with little or no respect, yet he loves Gwen (a couple with so little chemistry it’s impossible to believe) and has no problem treating her as an equal. The ‘master-servant’ idea doesn’t seem to bother him then.

    Plus, now Gaius’ eyes turn gold when doing magic? It used to be only Merlin’s eyes would turn gold as an indicator of just how intrinsic magic was to him and how powerful he is. Now it seems any sorcerer, no matter how powerful or not they are, has eyes that turn gold. This never happened in season 1 (Edwin for example or when Gaius used magic to make the antidote for Merlin in the Poisoned Chalice).

    • Lee /

      I’m not sure if I’m remembering correctly but isn’t it Merlin’s destiny to be the ‘greatest’ sorcerer and to get Arthur on the throne rather than to be the ‘most powerful’. I could be remembering this wrong but I always thought Merlin’s destiny was to be the greatest sorcerer and that his actual destiny was joined with Arthur, to do those things he does not need to be the most powerful.

      And anyway, even if it is ‘most powerful’ that is his destiny. Meaning it will happen in the future. It would be boring if Merlin could just sweep everything out of the way, its already sort of boring that he can solve pretty much any dilemma with his magic.

      I like how everyone’s eyes turn colour though. I think the ‘intrinsic’ thing is better represented by how people like Morgana and Merlin can use magic without necessarily meaning to. By that I mean for both of them a lot of the time their magic is linked to their emotions, less so with Merlin because he has more control over his magic because he’s been using it longer but still I think that is a better representation of innate magical skill than the eyes thing.

  10. godannotook /

    I am one of the new “Merlin” people and though was agog waiting for the Camelot stuff I really enjoyed your banter chaps. You do a great Ivor The Engine. Back to Merlin – thanks for the fanboy “I’ll follow you to hell” as that’s just how I felt at the Round Table moment.

    I wondered did Julian comment at all on the deleted scenes ? They were a great loss especially in Tears of Uther as there was more subtlety in Morgana’s evil, cut down to just a smirk, and wonderful Merlin/Arthur friendship scenes – Arthur confides in Merlin that he fears hereditary insanity and Merlin distracts him with the “throw something at me” game – where upon Arthur obviously throws the helmet wide with no real intention of hitting him. All brilliant but cut out, what a waste of great writing and terrific acting and story integrity.

    I hope most of all that series 4 is allowed grow and not fear the depth and darkness in the stories if the BBC cling to the format they could strangle this awesome series.

    Looking forward to part 2 many thanks to you both, and Julian Jones – p.s. I loved The Sorcerer’s Shadow there was a lot of profound father/son relationships in that. Arthur/Uther obviously, but also Merlin & Gilli’s memories of their dead fathers and issues therein.

  11. Mortmain /

    Thanks for this interview, guys. Definitely interesting to hear from a key figure behind the series.

    Any estimated date for when part two of the interview will be up?

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