Geek Syndicate – Episode 175 (including Merlin interview with Julian Jones Pt 2)

In this end of year special the guys talk about the cancellation of Stargate Universe, thank the awesome Mondo Comico for coming to Barry’s rescue and then take some listener questions.

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Week That Was

The End League, All Star Batman, The Return of Bruce Wayne, Batman Inc, Scott Pilgrim vs the World and Voyage of the Dawn Treader


The second part of our interview with Merlin co-creator Julian Jones

Enjoy and Happy New Year!

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  1. David Smith /

    Thanks for the kind words. And you actually said my store’s name correctly. A lot of people don’t (rather than comic-o they say com-eek-o). So kudos.

  2. SnazzyO /

    Thanks for the lovely interview with Julian Jones. He seems very dedicated to the show and producing quality television. I learned alot about the process with your interview. Thanks also for asking so many questions that fans really wanted to hear.

    Happy New Year!

    • geeksyndicate /

      No worries. We’re both fans of the show ourselves so it was great to chat with Julian about some of the finer points of the show.

  3. MsDrieg /

    Thank you guys for those interviews and keeping “Merlin Fans” happy during the long break.

    I actually don’t agree with Julian Jones about his S1 ep 1. To me it was a brilliant first episode portraying the full of beans confident teenage Merlin sashaying into Camelot and into the ‘real life’ of a place where magic was banned – as opposed to magic just getting him into hot water in Ealdor. Contrasting that opening episode with the haunted character who defeats Nimweh and again in the Last Dragon Lord – where I do agree with Julian – it was also my favourite, shows what a journey the writers and actors have travelled to take Merlin and Arthur – from sunlit childhood to the grim reality of adult life.

    Everyone always talks about the ‘spoilt brat’ of Arthur having to mature but the writing of Merlin is also a good portrait of growing up -an over confident teen having been an adored big fish in a small pool, eager to move out and on but then hitting the buffers of real life in Camelot.

    It’s funny that everyone notes how good Bradley James is at comedy but none of the writers are using this with the Gwen Arthur relationship. The writers have had her poking gentle fun at him including in the Eye of the Phoenix (with Merlin around the door while his vigil is taking place) but although she teases Merlin, and Arthur teases both Merlin and Morgana, there is no humour in the ‘romance’ writing….

    I’d have liked the chance to ask him what happens to the ‘Cup of Life’! How come Merlin is told to take care of it, fails to move it accurately through the air though he could move anything in S1, Ep 1, and doesn’t search for it (as well as Morgana and Morgause) when the roof falls in. But no, no comment! Perhaps we’ll find out in S4.

    Thanks again for the interview!

  4. diane /

    What a lovely second half of the interview with Julian Jones. I loved that his favorite episode is ‘The Last Dragonlord’ because it’s mine, too. I would also disagree with Julian on the very first episode. I fell in love with the show with ‘Dragon’s Call’ and I thought it really set up the universe, showed where the characters were at that moment and the beginnings of the journey that they would all take. I loved the singing and the way the hall looked, so fairytale. It was just right!

    I’m glad that he’s so passionate about his work and that he had fun doing the interview. I could have listened for hours more!

  5. shyfan /

    I completely agree with the comment about the opera singing witch, I also went out and bought the Merlin soundtrack just to get that piece of music, it was awesome.

    • geeksyndicate /

      I know…without sound cliche that piece of music was spellbinding

      • Sharlene M /

        Badum ching! (Sorry had to do it.)

  6. godannotook /

    Thanks for another entertaining and enlightening time, v. good point about Voyage of the Dawn Treader. It was fun and enjoyable, but the 3D was pointless in my view, and the evil green mist was a silly device. As they are making The Silver Chair might they just possibly link the said Green Mist with the evil Green Witch of the Underland ??? Bit of a long shot – and nothing to do with the books of course – but it might sort of work.

    Most interesting talk with Julian Jones, much delight and many thanks all round. I’ve been re-watching series 1 of Merlin on DVD over the hols, and I don’t think it could have been improved at all, it just worked so well right from the start. The Opera Singing Witch was brilliant, that scene captures the audience in the enchantment, with a sort of subliminal memory of folklore and classic fairy tales. Mary Collins was also so very chilling when she killed the serving girl by just catching hold of her wrist and softly singing as the poor girl’s life drained away. Marvellously imagined – and great work from Eve Myles and Louise Dylan as “Bronwen”

    Julian Jones gives me great hope for the 4th series of Merlin, so very glad at the news that the Knights will stay – after the pledges of fealty at the Round Table they must stay at Arthur’s side, they must. And as for the Arthur/Gwen/Lancelot triangle Julian’s…”Things will come to pass” is a masterly use of words. It actually tells us nothing, but leaves us to long for the revelations to come, (sigh….how slow the days will pass till series 4 airs)

    Thanks for helping me with Merlin withdrawal, I am now subscribed and will be visiting to hear your words of wisdom as often as poss.

    • geeksyndicate /

      Thanks glad you enjoyed the episode and nice to met a fellow fan of the Opera Singing Witch!


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