Geek Syndicate – Episode 228

Once again the masters of sass Barry and Dave return to give another slice of geek fun.

Direct Download – Episode 228

Hot potato

  • Does Doctor Who have to make sense to be good?

Week that was

  • Ultimate Nerf Battle (Getting shot in the head by a rubber bullet has never been such fun!)
  • Dresden files audio books (Who knew spike from buffy had a part time job?)
  • Snowpiercer the film ( Spolier: a lot of folks get a whupping in this film)
  • Starlight (Image Comics)
  • Dr Who Prisoners of Time


  • Arrow Season 3 Casting
  • The Rock is Black Adam…I mean who else could’ve done it?
  • First look at the batmobile from Batman V Superman..we are not entertained!
  • The lads dissect the official cast photo for Agents of Shield season 2

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