Geek Syndicate – Episode 229


Join Dave (Monts) and Barry (Nuge) as they continue their never ending quest to bring more sass to the world of geekdom.

Direct Download: Episode 229

Shout outs

  • GS Listeners Ant and Steve give their feedback.

Week that was

  • Legends starring Sean Bean gets the once over and come away a little bruised.
  • Barry goes to his post apocalyptic happy by place by reading the entire run of Y-the last man on holiday.
  • Dave gets creeped out by The Absense (Titan Comics).
  • Dr Who Listen/Time Heist both get reviewed and the guys fight it out over whose hustle theme is the best (long and boring story).


  • The lads give their thoughts on the channel 5 press screening of Gotham.

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