Geek Syndicate Exclusive: Merlin Set Visit Special

Join us for this special episode in which we go behind the scenes BBC’s Merlin. We chat about Dave’s day on set and in-between the chat we have interviews with Colin Morgan(Merlin), Bradley James(Arthur), Katie McGrath(Morgana),Anthony Stewart Head (King Uther) and Charlotte Morris (Head of Costume Design).

Direct download: Geek Syndicate Exclusive: Merlin Set Visit Special

Geek Syndicate would like to thank the cast and crew of Merlin and the folks at Shine Drama for allowing us their time and access to the set.

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  1. Andrea Farley /

    Lovely set of interviews, thank you so much for sharing!

  2. stella loi /

    Heard of this via gealach ros on LJ – fantastic podcast!!! You asked really interesting questions and got some great answers; it really made me laugh too! Thanks so much!!!

  3. SnazzyO /

    Brilliant podcast! I’m following you all on Twitter these days, really enjoy the site.

    Excellent questions. Wish you had gotten Angel — perhaps you could try to follow-up on the phone????

    Thanks for doing this and the timing is great. We’ve got a dry spell this week for news.

    Finally, sounds like a spoilers was in there: The Morgana/Uther fight sounds like it’s in EP10 or 11?

  4. 😀 Heard about this from Livejournal too – really fantastic podcast! I’m really glad someone asked Colin and Bradley about what happened at the beginning of the season 🙂 so thanks for that!

    Interesting interview with the Head of Costume Dept as well!

  5. Thanks for these great interviews. Good questions and it’s great that you interviewed the Head of Costume Dept.

    Thanks a lot.

  6. Chris /

    Hey guys!

    I was just wondering if you guys were planning on writing up a transcript? If not, can I offer my services? 😀 I would love to type up the whole podcast, if you guys are okay with that.

    Let me know by e-mail or what not, yeah? 😀

  7. Arthur holding the umbrella while on the horse is a funny shot.

    We like the show. Despite the fact that they could not match season one, it is still fun (usually – if you do not count troll episodes) to watch.

    Here is our take on Merlin season two with lots of pics and a little wit if you are interested:

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