Geek Syndicate meets Jonathan Ross


In this special episode join Dave and Barry as they chat with celebrity geek and comics fan Jonathan Ross.

During the interview Jonathan tells the lads where his love for all things geek ,especially comics, started. He also reveals why he would never own a comics shop again.

Jonathan explains why is unable to attend comic conventions as much as he would like.

There’s some talk about the adaptation of Mark Millar’s comic Kick Ass that Jonathan’s wife, Jane, is working on as well his view on comic to film adaptations.

Jonathan has his feet firmly placed  in the Marvel comics camp. He explains why and shares some of his favourite creations. He also tells a very interesting story about his encounter with Steve Dikto.

The guys discuss with Jonathan why he decided to write his own comic, Turf and gives us a few details on the project.

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  1. Great interview guys! it was great to hear Jonathan sound so genuinely enthusiastic about the medium andthe history of the classic comics.

    Thanks so much for leTting him know about BICS. Let’s hope he makes it along – I know he’ll have a great time!


  2. geeksyndicate /

    Thanks Shane, glad you enjoyed it. I was stunned by his comics knowledge to be honest. I know he was a fan but wow…he was proper hardcore. We could have kept going for another hour I reckon, great fun.

    We were happy to mention BICS. You guys put on a great show and I hope he can make as well!


  3. Tom Daylight /

    Great interview guys

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