Geek Syndicate Merlin Special: Julian Jones Talks Merlin Series 5

So with Merlin series 5 all ready to start back on the BBC this weekend we thought it was a perfect time to catch up with our good friend Julian Jones, the co-creator and head writer on the show.

With Dave off on his adventures Barry flies solo in this special episode in which Julian opens up about series 5 and what we can expect from the characters and the story. We also take a little look back at season 4 and some of Julian’s thoughts on his episodes and plot points in that series. There’s also some talk on season six and the status of a Merlin feature film.

Julian also lets slip a massive spoiler for series 5 which we have moved until right at the end of the interview to give those of you who don’t want to know fair warning.


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  1. Pichirruchi /


  2. 1 hour! Someone write out the interview D:

  3. TShaw /

    I cant say that gives me alot of hope. In fact none. So Merlin is still a servant – why? After all he’s done for Arthur that Arthur KNOWS about (never mind the magic stuff) – what reward has he EVER been given? And he’s in the same clothes he arrived in 10 years before because…? ‘He’s a servant’? Yet somehow Gwen the servant managed to get new clothes all the time. So JJ admits in between the rubbish about ‘servants’ which only applies to Merlin, he wears ‘an outfit’ to ‘identify him’. So they just hope we don’t notice through all the nice new CGI and bragging about ‘darkness’ that they’re still essentially a kiddies show.

    It sounds to me too as if they’re going to duck out of magic reveal again. They seem to think that if the peripheral characters get development and more screen time we wont notice that Merlin and Arthur are running on the spot and have been since S1 because they don’t have the guts or imagination to FINALLY move the show on and leave behind the mocked hidden hero trope. Its been 3 years since we saw them last and still Merlin hasn’t managed to get the king to accept magic? Has he even tried? Is Arthur yet again going to be shown as stubborn and gullible – the king who always listens to the wrong people and has to be saved. It’s as if they don’t have a clue what else to do with it and are too scared to try so they just essentially repeat themselves over and over and hope we don’t notice. If they just rerun S3 and S4 again with minor changes, (Gwen is queen, Mordred as the latest person Arthur trusts stupidly who betrays him) if they leave Merlin in stasis yet again, with no reveal and no advancement, thats it for me with this show. There comes a point when you just resent being marched up to the top of the hill only to be marched back down again, disappointed.

    • Jill Clay /

      Nothing like giving it a chance eh TShaw, some of you are never happy. This is the story they are choosing to tell, if you are not happy then don’t watch. I’m so fed up of hearing people like you winge about this and that without actually seeing anything first.

      I can’t wait for tonight, I think it will prove to be the best series.

  4. Nimueh123 /

    That’s what I call an interview. It was really interesting to see how Julian sees his the characters. He obviously sees Merlin developing where we fans often scream out for much more. It is vlear that TPTB are worried about a reveal. But I did not get the impression that they are going to duck out of it like TShaw thought. Julian’s answer was rather cryptic about the reveal (of course) but he said something along the lines: You know what the fans want and you are trying to give it to them. Maybe that’s a glimmer of hope?!
    I also think tha TShaw is jumping to conclusions when he/she says that Mordred is going through the ‘enemy within’ scenario (again). All sources I have come across state that Mordred is not a clearly cut villain, but that it is not clear where his loyalties lie. Well we’ll see.
    I just feel sorry for Colin, asking for a new outfit every seaon and getting turned down every time!

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