Geek to Geek – Issue 1

Welcome to the first issue of Geek to Geek, the podcast magazine dedicated to bringing the sass back to geekdom. 2 hours of craziness coming to your mp3 player every month!

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00:00:00 Geek to Geek with Monts and Nuge – David Montieth and Barry Nugent bring you their monthly slice of pop culture madness. No script, no preparation and but hopefully some hope that you will enjoy the experience

01:02:35 Fave genre reads of 2011 – The Scrolls gang pick some of the beloved reads of the past year

01:19:36 Notes from Nuge – Joins Barry and Chrisophe as they look as they chat about film soundtrack with a special focus on the pulps this month.

01:33:38 Stacey Whittle of Small Press Big Mouth brings you her independent book review.

01:40:30 A special interview with Dave Bradley, the head honcho at the SFX magazine about the upcoming SFX Weekender

02:03:27 After Hours with Dave and Barry – the guys close out the show in the Geek to Geek Studio bar.

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One comment

  1. Hey Guys,

    Congratulations on the first podcast, I’ve been checking my iGoogle RSS feed almost daily waiting for this. Thanks for the useful recommendations to add to my ever-growing reading list. The Penguin AKA Oswald Cobblepot is one of my favourite characters, so it was good to hear about ‘Pain and Prejudice’. I hope they do something similar with the Mad Hatter AKA Jervis Tetch it’s about time he had a retcon.

    Anyway, glad you’re back. Please carry on the good, nay ESSENTIAL work of promoting geek-pride!

    Roy, Nerd-of-Africa (well, ok Mauritius).

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