By now we hope you will be checking out all the podcasts on the Geek Syndicate Network and enjoying them as much as we enjoy putting them out. The thing is there are a lot of other great podcasts out there  they you probably know nothing about. To that end Dave and I have  come up with the GET GEEK SYNDICATED scheme.

This is still a work in progress but put simply  if you see this logo on a podcast website (we will also keep a list with links/eps etc on the GS site) you know that the podcast is affiliated/friends with the GS Network. This isn’t us saying what podcasts are good or bad (that’s down to the listener) but rather a way we can point you towards some other fantastic podcasts being done by some great people who we at the GSN have ties with.  It’s also a way other casts can before involved with the GSN and still keep their identity. One of the reasons we’re doing for this is to try to raise the profile of podcasting/geekdom in the UK and hopefully create some closer ties with the folks out there in the UK/international podcasting scene.

A few podcasts have already joined and we hope this list will grow and it will, alongside the Geek Syndicate Network, be a great one stop shop of great podcasting talent, specifically in the UK but also abroad that will continue to cover every facet of Geekdom!

If you’re interested in finding out how you get a GEEK SYNDICATED logo for you podcast then drop us a line at [email protected]


Podcasts who’ve already been GEEK SYNDICATED

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