Adrian Hodges Talks The Musketeers Series 2

In this special episode of the Geek Syndicate podcast Barry chats exclusively with Adrian Hodges, creator of the BBC show The Musketeers.

Adrian talks about what fans can expect from series 2 which is currently being filmed as well revealing some of his fave moments from series 1 and more. Adrian also answers a few questions pitched by the many Musketeers fans that are out there.

Enjoy! Oh and apologies for the slip in Barry’s opening introduction. As we all know the Muskeeters show aired in the UK at the start this year and not last year as said on the episode.

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  1. sandiwich /

    Very interesting interview, loving the news about Constance being a bit more independent from the Musketeers and having time away from them, and looking forwards to the lots more back story to Porthos too. Thanks!

    • Yeah I thought Constance was a great character but there was more to her than just her relationship to d’artagnan. Looking forward to seeing what will happened with her ‘change of status’

  2. Excellent interview! So glad adrian answered my question! Love the bit about Howard Charles and the Black Count! He needs to play Gen Dumas in the movie produced by Sony Pictures! Fans have a campaign for this with a petition:
    If anyone is interested in signing or promoting this petition, then Howard and his fans would really appreciate it! He has expressed his desire to play this role, so his fans are trying to help him out.
    #wefounddumas #theblackcount #howardforgeneral

    • Hey Lauren, thanks for your comments and the link for the Black Count campaign. I will give it a look see and yes I could see him in the role.

  3. sue Allen /

    Great interview with Adrian Hodges- Thankyou!

    • Hey Sue, thanks so much for taking the time to comment and glad you enjoyed the interview!

  4. Aine Neary /

    Really good interview. As a white woman, it was especially interesting to hear what you both had to say about having a “mixed-race” character in the series.

    Thank you!

    • Hey Aine, thanks for the comments and glad you find the talk interesting. As you can tell it was something I was quite passionate about and like I said in the interview it was an unexpected bonus that show exposed me to his whole history I had no idea existed. I love that kind of stuff!

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