GSN PODCAST: Battle Gods Of Pod Series 1 – Episode 2

Welcome back to Battle Gods Of Pod, the panel game show on the Geek Syndicate Network that pits a panoply of podcasters against each other in various tests of verbosity, inspiration, knowledge and wit.

Joining us this time are Matt Farr, from Dissecting WorldsTim Swann from Tim And Max Solve All The Problems With Popular Culture, and Stace Whittle from Small Press, Big Mouth.

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We start things off with News Testaments – a variation on the Just A Minute format – before our divergent deities start Speaking In Tongues in a round table debate on the Dr Who the Anniversary We then move on to Revelations, our hidden gems round, before Gotterdammerung begins. The ‘quick’-fire quiz will see all the Gods fall in Sudden Death, but who will be the last god standing?

They will join us once again in the New Year final, up against the other two winners…

If you want to track down the hidden gems, here are some good starting places: –

Battle Gods of Pod is seeking a host for Series 2.  If you think you’d be up for the challenge, drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll talk details.
Finally, we want to tip the hat to the seemingly anonymous contributors on for the sound effects used this episode.
In case you’re interested, the effects were Llama Sound Clip 7, Cookie Monster Soundboard Om nom nom nom, and The Classic Wilhelm Scream 1.
We also re-used a couple of great sound effects from which were Stuck By Lightning.wav by Cheeseheadburger and Remix 2 of 124721_Andy_Gardener_thunder1.flac by Timbre<
The part of Castiel and his dinging halo was played by the Real Castiel and not by Dion at all.  Oh no.

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