GSN PODCAST: Children of the Atom – Episode 6

Welcome to episode 6 of the Children of the Atom podcast.

This month we discuss issues 10 and 11, in which Magneto and Toad get abducted by aliens – and the X-Men aren’t particularly bothered – and we see the first appearance of the Savage Land. Also, in current X-Men news, is Jean Grey shaping up to be the villain in All New X-Men? Can she resist just rearranging people’s thoughts to suit her agenda? It doesn’t look like it. Red Skull forces Captain American to confront modern America in Uncanny Avengers and it’s pretty harsh, Emma and Scott talk through their relationship or lack thereof in Uncanny X-Men, and the world seems to have gone to hell in a handbasket in the first volume of Age of Ultron. Finally, our collection of issues 1 – 66 of the first X-Men run is still going strong and we just can’t get enough of the Marvel NOW! variant edition Skottie Young covers!

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  1. I looked it up on Comic Vine, and the actual explanation for how the Savage Land exists is textbook convoluted comic book logic.

  2. Children of the Atom /

    Figures. Good to know there is an explanation out there though!

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