GSN Podcast: Dissecting Worlds S10, E2: Dragons and Other Mythical Beasts

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GSN Podcast: Dissecting Worlds S10, E2: Dragons and Other Mythical Beasts

ROOOOOOOOOAR! Our Fire breathing Northerners dissect the big beasts of fantasy in this second ep of their fantastic creatures series including:

●     Mythological, fantastic and natural dragons

●     Sci Fi Dragons

●     D&D, Glorantha and Dragon Warriors

●     Dragon science and pseudoscience and pseudo social science

●     Are all Dragon Movies Doomed to be bad?


Kehaars Breeds of Dragon link:


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  1. rocketraccoon /

    You’re wrong about Skyrim dragons, they are not animals in the game, they have their own language and several of them speak English and play a major part in the plot of the game. Also you can’t ride them unless you use mods. There’s a scripted riding scene in one of the DLC’s but you can’t really ride them without mods.

    One of the things you missed in your discussion is Dragons that have their own societies. The Half Blood Chronicles by Andre Norton and Mercedes Lackey have a race of dragons that are immigrants from another world that have come to the world of elves, where they have been hunted nearly to extinction.

    Also, you briefly mentioned Dragons in Superhero fiction. In haven’t come across a lot of good dragons in Superhero fantasy but two stories that stand out are The Dragon of Wall Street from Heroes for Hire 14 (1998), where the Black Knight and the Dragon realize they’ve been set up to fight each other and team up, and The Dragon Seed Saga in Iron Man 272-275 (1991) which featured a hidden race of dragon aliens that manipulate a super-villain into conquering a portion of china as part of a plan to reacquire their spaceship.

    • Matt Farr /

      ah that will teach me to base my comments on game trailers! 😉

      on the comics front, it struck me afterwards that missed Dragons in anime and Manga, of which there are loads!


  2. Kehaar /

    Thanks for the heads up on sky rim.

    I want check out some Andre norton so will make a note of the half blood chronicles.

    The superhero story sounds ace – Thor v the world serpent in Walt simonson’s run was terrific but owes a a lot to the poetic edda

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