GSN PODCAST: Dissecting Worlds Series 7: Alternative Histories Conclusions

Joined by uber-feedbacker Peter Hammerson regulars Matt and Kehaar review the series on Alternative History.

Listen Online:

Some of the topics looked at include:
* Victorious Nazis in DC comics and Others
* Kim Stanley Robinson & the Human Condition.
* Red Son and other Superhero Alternatives
* African Americans in the American War of Independence
* Mary Seacroft, the Crimea, the teaching of history and lost alternatives
* %@#! Sliders
* Steampunk – it’s a design aesthetic stupid!
* American Civil War vs Quentin Tarantino
* Elizabethan Alternates coming out of the fall of Rome
* Technothrillers, Clive Cussler and The Scorpion.
Links mentioned:
* Jordon Harbour’s “Twilight Histories” Podcast
*The Ayn Rand filibuster:
* The Alternative History Weekly Update Blog
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 or @dissectingwrlds

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  1. To the GNS team,
    I was listening to your show today and was more than surprised to hear my own show mentioned, the Twilight Histories. Thank you for your kind words. They were unexpected and very appreciated!
    Jordan Harbour

    • You’re very welcome. You were recommended to us by Matt Mitrovitch & your pods a very welcome discovery.

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