GSN PODCAST: Dissecting Worlds Series 7 Episode 2: Robin Hood, Robin Hood!

The Merry Men of the blasted moors of West Yorkshire and Sun-caressed Mersey Riviera team up to take on another wibbly-wobbly man of folklore and legend – Robin Hood.

Listen Online:

Having learnt nothing from their tussle with King Arthur back in the Leadership series except to get on board a knowledgeable expert in the form of Ant from ‘The Next Level’ podcast to look at:

Robin Hood – class hero, bandit or national liberator ?
What is good Kingship and does it involve invading the Middle East ?
The many intrigues of Robin of Sherwood TV series
Robin Hood analogues including Che Guevara, the Water Margin and William Tell
Alan Rickman and the Heroes dramatic beats
Robin Hood in comics from Green Arrow to Outlaw and back again
Merry men and the foco theory
Legends of Zelda (and Neil)
The Death of Legends
So pull on your tights, put a feather in your cap, watch out for the Sheriff and join us!

Feedback on twitter to @dissectingwrlds or email [email protected] or even better would be a 3-5 minute audio clip for our conclusions episode.

Too the Green Wood!

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