GSN PODCAST: Dissecting Worlds Sports Special 4: Games!

Rolling a Double 6 you find yourself in a 10×10 corridor faced with a smug Yorkshire Lizardman & a louche sarcastic Scouse seagull.

They offer you a podcast as part their Olympic specials mini-series, looking at games in Fantasy & Sci-Fi.

Direct Download: Dissecting Worlds Sports Special 4: Games!

Listen Online:

They offer you such morsels as:
* 3D chess & Gene Roddenberry’s wish fulfilment
* the Holodeck & its Roleplaying implications
* Iain M Bank’s Player of Games
* Different Types of Gamers
* the nature if game playing & protagonists
Before moving on to consider lessons learnt during the mini-series
Do you listen? YOU DECIDE!
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Kehaar’s roleplaying material at & the roleplaying game pod here:

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