GSN PODCAST: Geek Syndicate – Episode 252

David ‘Monts’ Monteith and Barry ‘Nuge’ Nugent return from the separate podcasts adventures to join forces once again as the superfriends  Geek Syndicate in their never ending battle to bring the sass back to geekdom.

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  • Jessica Jones gets a release date
  • Buffy gets an anniversary
Week That Was
  • In shocking news Nuge watches American Horror Story and doesn’t run screaming from the room…well not after episode 3 at least.
  • The guys review The Rabbit which turns out freaks them both out in equal measure.
  • There’s chat about Arrow Season 4 and Digg’s new fashion accessory (don’t tell anyone but it’s a helmet).
  • Monts checks out a day in a henchman’s life in ‘Hank Johnson Agent of Hydra’.
  • The Man from UNCLE TV show gets dusted off for a rewatch by Monts
  • Children of Time aka how a book about giant intelligent spiders can cause a massive argument during a podcast.
Questions from the Syndicate
The show wraps up with the lads taking a few questions from the syndicate (that’s you lot out there) via twitter, facebook and email.

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