GSN PODCAST: Geek Syndicate – Episode 257

The boys are back in town…Monts and Nuge return to microphone with more sass and geekiness than you can throw a lightsaber at.

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  • Force Awakens tickets go up in price
  • Supergirl gets new episodes
  • Samurai Jack is Back
  • Preacher – trailer
Week that Was
Star Wars Rebels says the one thing we’ve all been thinking about Stormtrooper armour.
  • Monts and Nuge have some slightly different opintions on Dr Strange #1
  • Limbo – The lads take a walk on the noir side with this new comic from Image
  • Mulp #2 The anthromphic pulp adventure is back and Barry is as giddy as a schoolboy about it.
  • Edge of Extinction – A zombie tale with a difference (I know that’s almost impossible these days?)
David’s Airplane Movies
  •      San Andreas
  •      Jurrasic World
  •      Terminator Genysis
  •      Fantastic Four
Doom Coalition Pt 1- `The Eleven”

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