GSN PODCAST: Geek Syndicate – Episode 273

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The saga continues..Monts is back! Monts is back! and now that I’ve scratched that wu-tang itch we can get on with the show.
The last return to sprinkle geekdom with nuggets of pop culture gold. Oh and they remember it’s the 10th Anniversary of GS
Remember that show in development called Krypton? Neither did the lads but anyway there’s some casting to discuss.
Two classic properties get the modern day police procedural treatment.
Notes from Nuge
We go Thunderbirds are go crazy
Week that was
Dave takes us through his current DC comics reading including Batgirl Rebirth, All Star Batman and Legends of Tomorrow.
Nuge has finally remembered to talk about Independence 2 and he aint happy.
Monts wields the Black Hammer comic from Dark Horse.
Proud (4-page short story) –
My Hero (5-page short story) –
High Noon Rising (on-going comic, 11 pages up at the moment with a new page every Saturday) –
The guys look at The Tick and Jean Claude Van Johnson some of the genre shows in the current Amazon pilot season.


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