GSN PODCAST: Geek Syndicate – Episode 275

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The rebellious podcast duo Monts and Nuge are back and bringing almost as much sass as the final Rogue One trailer..almost.

Man I love that trailer..where was I ..oh yeah podcasts and such.

Look you go and read what the lads chat about this week while I watch the Rogue One trailer for the 10th time.



The UN gets a wondrous new ambassador

A video game inspired by African mythology gets the movie treatment

Steven Moffat gives his verdict on more multi Doctor crossovers.


Week that was

Star Wars Rebels aka ‘will no one think of the stormtroopers’

The Flash

Sweet Christmas! It’s the Nuge’s review of the Luke Cage while Monts casts a critical eye over the masterworks comics.



The guys discuss the upcoming Dr Who spin off ‘Class’ as well as revealing some of their Dr Who spin off ideas.

BBC if you’re listening the boys want half of any ideas you nick and turn into shows.


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