GSN PODCAST: Geek Syndicate – Episode 281

Welcome back to the world of all things geek with your guides Monts and Nuge.
In this episode the lads respond to some listener feedback on the search for the next Doctor and Nuge also gets his hands on a Samsung Gear and lost the plot over virtual reality.

Direct Download: GSN PODCAST: Geek Syndicate – Episode 281

Week that was
Magnificent Seven
Black Widow #1
Agents of Shield
Lethal Weapon
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  1. Hi Guys, Mark here ( Aka Stephen!), just listened to this podcast, really enjoyed it- as always. Was really excited when I realised Barry was about to name check me- then “epic ” fail, who the hell is Stephen?
    Barry only had one glass of cider and couldn’t remember my name!
    Seriously though, had a great time at the 2000AD con and chatting with Barry, hopefully catch up with both at future events- keep up the good work

    • Hey Mark, barry here…big apologies for getting your name wrong…dammmit I am a bad, bad podcaster. In my defence it has been several years since I had a good cider and I am generally terrible with names. As you could hear from the podcast though I had a blast talking to you fell and hope we can catch up again at a con. Be warned though odds are I may get your name’s taken me over 30 years to remember dave’s name!

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