‘The Musketeers’: Interview with Creator Adrian Hodges

BBC One’s ‘The Musketeers’ creator Adrian Hodges joins Geek Syndicate to chat about the new show .

Direct Download: GSN PODCAST: Interview with ‘The Musketeers’ Creator and Executive Producer Adrian Hodges

Adrian talks about his love of the adventure genre and what he feels The Musketeers can bring to the table. There is also chat about banning the word ‘Swashbuckler’ during the show’s development and the importance of music in the show.

He also goes into more detail regarding the tone of the Musketeers and what people can expect given it is being aired after the watershed at 9pm. There is also a look the casting of the main roles (including Peter Capaldi’s move to Doctor Who), the choice to not adapt the book but rather develop new stories and much more.


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